Name: Feril Melyani

State: Indiana
Country: United States
Sex: Female
Age: 46

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January 2007

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Favorite AAT - Empires of Blood

Other AAT - Kitty Matrix

AAT Tutorial, great resource to get you right into the game.

Cyber-Wars Game

Tribal Wars Game

Knightfight Game

Monsters Game


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Introduction and a quick catch up to the beggining of the my career.

Well my first game of AAT was on the Hoosier Server. I started there since I'm from Indiana and we are called Hoosiers. Well it was really slow paced and gigantuous galaxy and it tought me the valuable lesson of escape pods. After a few weeks of figuring out the game and building an empire I died and couldn't log back in for a few days. Well I considered that introduction and thats why I didn't submit it to my profile.

So from there I went to Empires of Blood, Link is in my favorites bottom left, and thats where I started submitting to the profile server. I really like EOB and will probably play there for a long time. I also managed to pull off third place in the round but 2nd place was a teamate who died in a war at the very end of the round and the first place person dropped out. So by default I moved into first.

During the EOB round I found Kitty Matrix. At first I really didn't like it cuz of wierd settings and the fact that settings changed all the time. Now tho I might actually consider playing it again next round. EOB is purely for planets and no trading and Kitty Matrix is purely trading and no planets.

About a month into Kitty Matrix I was drawn into Fundemental and thats really not my style. FunD isn't about skill its about luck finding and taking superindies and hitting it big with debris. I won't be reporting that one to the profile server due to its extremely edited code and settings. I may still sign in there to create havoc with some enemies

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