Name: Feril Melyani

State: Indiana
Country: United States
Sex: Female
Age: 46

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January 2007

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School of hard knocks!

I seem to have made a rather large blunder yesterday. Someone had a bounty put on them and told me all about the person attacking them and then they went and nova bombed 5 of thier planets and now he has an 8 trillion credit bounty. So we decided I'd kill him to get rid the bounty and give the profits to him to get a new ship. He was a very low rank and the money didn't matter much to me, I just wanted to attack someone evil so I could get my alignment back to good.

Bounty Claimed. January 09 2007 17:36
You claimed a bounty of 8,000,000,000,000 credits for the destruction of the ship belonging to Ardill. The bounty was placed by Ace.


Federation Bounty! January 09 2007 17:36
The Federation has placed a bounty on you for the amount of 855,783,005,981,000 credits.

Oops, lack of attention bites me in the butt again. It wasn't a fed bounty and it cost me almost a quid. If I had simply noticed it was a player bounty I would have hade him goto one of my sectors where it wouldn't give me a bounty for attacking him. Also since I recieved a fed bounty for it, it did nothing good for my alignment.

The only good thing I have to mention is that I did take and hold the 2nd place spot on Kitty Matrix for the past couple days. With only 5 days till reset things are looking pretty decided, but anything can happen.

Post Date: Jan 10, 2007 - 2:58 am