Name: Feril Melyani

State: Indiana
Country: United States
Sex: Female
Age: 46

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April 2007

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Favorite AAT - Empires of Blood

Other AAT - Kitty Matrix

AAT Tutorial, great resource to get you right into the game.

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AAT Forum

I was going to put up my own AAT 3.0 and 2.0 game servers but I ran into some difficulties. I tried getting help on the main forums but dispite registering with 3 differant emails (comcast.net,hotmail.com,gmail.com) i was never sent a confirmation email and so can't register. Too bad there is no way to contact them and tell them. Especially with the release of 3.0. You would think they would notice that thier shit is broke.

Post Date: Apr 14, 2007 - 1:50 pm

Kitty Matrix

Well Kitty Matrix resets today. Yesterday i made a last ditch effort to take first place from Phaelanx. This was no easy task cuz yesterday he had a 250 million point lead on me with 1,199,000,000 points. I used 70k turns to catch him but ended up short with 1,167,000,000 ponts. I only had 10k turns this morning and he had 40k turns and started doing trades to secure first.
Well I did something I don't usually do and started clicking debris. I was just to close to give up and debris was my only opton. Well, to make a long story short I got a downgrade all tech by 1 level and that almost knocked me down to 3rd place so I'm barely holding second with 877,000,000.

I'll settle for second tho its still a very respectable place. On Kitty Matrix your only allowed 4 team members and Phaelanx is oiur coordinator for the team Alienation. Phaelanx is taking first, I'm takeing second, Ozzy Man is taking third, and Excalibur is taking fourth. So our team claimed all the top ranks we could.

Tis' a good day!

Post Date: Jan 15, 2007 - 10:07 am

Builders and Conquerors.

I was ranked in 3rd place with 70 million points and had negotiated peace with 1 team already to avoid them attacking my weaker team members. A team called builders and conquerors, with very low ranked players, kept picking on one of my weakest members. So he took a bunch of thier planets in retaliation and Ace(B&C) took them back and then some. At this point I decided to step in and had Hunterking take a bunch of planets and make them team. I then put out defenses in the billions for him.

Helping Hunterking really ticked off Ace and he sent me this message:
"If you keep helping that weakling hunterking attack me, i'll make sure you get what he does"

Now I understand they think I can't touch them cuz of my rank and the bounties will protect them, so I expect these comments but this paticular team had already been recruiting people with the purpose of launching a major offensive against me for revenge for something I did. So this really started to get to me and I moved into action.

I took a sector with 4 planets of mine and removed all but 100k fighters and then warped into 10 of his sectors leading him to it. Then I sat back and waited for 2 hours. Eventualy one of his teamates found it and pounded down the defenses. Once they were in, I followed them in and took out Ace's shiny excelsior while attacking a planet and then right after that got one of his teamates.

Then after a lot of "do this or else" war was declared and I proceded with a major offensive against them which is rather difficult due to ranking. The first member of the team went down trying to cloak past my sd's with no escape pod.

The second to go down, Ace, I built to death. I went to all his sectors and placed fighters/torps and then buillt planets and based them so i could attack his planets with no bounty. After we had very nearly got all his planets he died out in a fluster trying to save his last planets and not grabbing a pod or deflectors for his new ship.

After that I gave the 2 remaining teamates a 24 hour cease fire to respond to my demands which were basicly, tell me why they had a grudge against me and cease and desist all agression towards my teamates becuase of it. Only 1 person replied to me and the other inored me. So I went back to work and built to conquer him too. Just like thier team name suggests.

To make a long story short, TOO LATE, I took what I could, Hunterking took what I couldn't and Speedy died and went silently into the night. With three dead and 1 surrendering this ended the war. Problem is I still don't know why they were after me in the first place!

It was fun while it lasted! Its loney at the top!

Post Date: Jan 13, 2007 - 8:33 pm

School of hard knocks!

I seem to have made a rather large blunder yesterday. Someone had a bounty put on them and told me all about the person attacking them and then they went and nova bombed 5 of thier planets and now he has an 8 trillion credit bounty. So we decided I'd kill him to get rid the bounty and give the profits to him to get a new ship. He was a very low rank and the money didn't matter much to me, I just wanted to attack someone evil so I could get my alignment back to good.

Bounty Claimed. January 09 2007 17:36
You claimed a bounty of 8,000,000,000,000 credits for the destruction of the ship belonging to Ardill. The bounty was placed by Ace.


Federation Bounty! January 09 2007 17:36
The Federation has placed a bounty on you for the amount of 855,783,005,981,000 credits.

Oops, lack of attention bites me in the butt again. It wasn't a fed bounty and it cost me almost a quid. If I had simply noticed it was a player bounty I would have hade him goto one of my sectors where it wouldn't give me a bounty for attacking him. Also since I recieved a fed bounty for it, it did nothing good for my alignment.

The only good thing I have to mention is that I did take and hold the 2nd place spot on Kitty Matrix for the past couple days. With only 5 days till reset things are looking pretty decided, but anything can happen.

Post Date: Jan 10, 2007 - 2:58 am

Introduction and a quick catch up to the beggining of the my career.

Well my first game of AAT was on the Hoosier Server. I started there since I'm from Indiana and we are called Hoosiers. Well it was really slow paced and gigantuous galaxy and it tought me the valuable lesson of escape pods. After a few weeks of figuring out the game and building an empire I died and couldn't log back in for a few days. Well I considered that introduction and thats why I didn't submit it to my profile.

So from there I went to Empires of Blood, Link is in my favorites bottom left, and thats where I started submitting to the profile server. I really like EOB and will probably play there for a long time. I also managed to pull off third place in the round but 2nd place was a teamate who died in a war at the very end of the round and the first place person dropped out. So by default I moved into first.

During the EOB round I found Kitty Matrix. At first I really didn't like it cuz of wierd settings and the fact that settings changed all the time. Now tho I might actually consider playing it again next round. EOB is purely for planets and no trading and Kitty Matrix is purely trading and no planets.

About a month into Kitty Matrix I was drawn into Fundemental and thats really not my style. FunD isn't about skill its about luck finding and taking superindies and hitting it big with debris. I won't be reporting that one to the profile server due to its extremely edited code and settings. I may still sign in there to create havoc with some enemies

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Post Date: Jan 1, 2007 - 1:51 pm